What is this place? And who is running it?

February 4th, 2016|Comments Off on What is this place? And who is running it?

Let's start with who is running it. Hi, I’m Ray. I'm a tool junkie and history geek with an appreciation for old America. You know, the one that won the big war, saved the world from tyranny, and then used that momentum to travel to the moon and back. That America. I appreciate things that were made to last a lifetime and then some. That is the fundamental premise of Dead Men’s Tools. See somewhere before manufactures learned to build to a price and began building things with a life cycle in mind, tools and machines were made one way, the right way. During our industrial age we had the resources and power to build things out of heavy castings and forgings. These tools were made to last forever, and with the care and respect deserving of such a thing, they do. They outlive their original owner and pass from hand to hand by will or by estate sale. These are Dead Men’s Tools. These tools are so great, I see myself as merely a steward, I use and benefit from these tools, and in return I care for them so that they will one day be passed along to another pair of grateful hands, to continue their service ad infinitum. While it is not economical to produce such great tools today, it is certainly ecologically sound to honor the huge amounts of energy expended to produce them, by ensuring that they are kept in service. Think about it, a tool that requires XX kilowatts of energy to make that lasts for 100 years or more, compared to a

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